The University of Perpetual Help System, having committed itself to the service of education and health care, has the dual component of education and healthcare. Its vision and mission were set forth by the tandem of the late Dr. Jose De Guzman Tamayo and his wife Dr. Josefina Laperal-Tamayo.


Dr. Antonio Laperal Tamayo, the eldest son of Jose and Josefina; spearheaded the establishment of the different campuses. It was him who conceptualized the putting up of the schools and prodded his parents to open up the school. 


The first campus that was put up was the Perpetual Help College of Manila which opened in 1968 with the key course offering of Nursing as its flagship program. 


In1970, the Perpetual Help College of Malasiqui was founded to help spur health and education development in the province of Pangasinan.


In 1975, Dr. Antonio Laperal Tamayo together with his wife, Dr. Daisy M. Tamayo founded the Perpetual Help College Rizal, now University of Perpetual Help System DALTA.


This was followed by the establishment of the Perpetual Help School of Laguna in 1976 and the Perpetual Help School of Laguna Foundation for Medicine and Health Sciences, now known as the University of Perpetual Help- Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University in 1977, both in Biñan, Laguna.


On September 10, 1991, these institutions formed a consortium to accelerate their institutional growth.


  A memorandum of agreement, drafted in Biñan, Laguna, resulted into the creation of an umbrella organization which would implement and monitor common standard in the realization of the system-wide Mission-Vision, Administration, Faculty, Academic Programs, Library, Laboratories, Site and Buildings, Instructional Standards, Accreditation, Research, and Outreach Programs.


 A Board of Directors composed of 15 members was formed to serve as the policy-making body for this organization. It was initially presided over and chaired by Dr. Jose G. Tamayo, the Founding Father, with Dr. Antonio L. Tamayo, President of Perpetual Help College of Rizal as the Executive Vice President of the System. 


On January 10, 1993, a top-level meeting of the Board of Trustees and Directors of the University of Perpetual Help System was convened to pursue a comprehensive and integrated corporate planning process in its bid to apply for a University status.


After three years of visitation, evaluation, improvement, and verification, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) granted University Status to the University of Perpetual Help System with campuses in Las Piñas, Laguna and UPH-DJGT Medical University. The University of Perpetual Help System thus has the distinction of being the first University System created by CHED.


In June 1997, the University of Perpetual Help System GMA campus was established. On June 14, 2004, the University of Perpetual Help System Isabela campus was also established.


In ceremonies held at the UPHS Performing arts Theatre in Biñan, Laguna on April 20, 1997, CHED (Director) Amelia Biglete presented the charter granting the University of Perpetual Help System its University Status to Dr. Jose G. Tamayo. The activity was dedicated to the pioneering spirit of the late Dr. Josefina Laperal Tamayo on her natal day.