Medical Technology

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology/Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (BSMT/BSMLS) is a four-year program consisting of general education and professional courses. The fourth year level is the internship program of one (year) in a CHED-accredited training laboratory with rotational duties in different sections such as Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Immunohematology (Blood Banking), Immunology and Serology, Urinalysis and other Body Fluids (Clinical Microscopy), Parasitology, Histopathologic/Cytologic techniques and other emergent technologies.

Quality Policy

The University of Perpetual Help System Laguna/University of Perpetual Help-Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University (UPHSL/UPH-DJGTMU) is committed to producing competent and competitive professionals who are holistic graduates, achievers of life imbued with Perpetualite values and research-oriented leaders in quality education and health care, pursuing our commitment to:

  • Relevant and updated curriculum.
  • Adept delivery mechanisms.
  • Intellectual and professional fulfillment of faculty and staff.
  • Quality research.
  • Corporate social responsibility.
  • Involvement of all stakeholders in growth and development of the University.
  • Continuous upgrading of infrastructure and facilities.
  • Creation of congenial and conducive work environment.
  • Spiritual formation.


Quality Objectives

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science Program of the University of Perpetual Help – Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University aims to:

  1. Develop high quality professionals equipped with the cognitive and technical competencies in the field of medical laboratory science, imbued with Perpetualite values;
  2. To achieve recognition as one of the respected medical laboratory science education provider in the country;
  3. Develop quality research programs to address emerging issues for medical laboratory science education and professional practice, and;
  4. Develop and implement sustainable program-based community extension activities participated in by various stakeholders.

Award Information

Included Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology.

Criteria For Award

To achieve the award of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, students must pass a total of 223 credit units, including: