Who Are We ?

The UPH-DJGTMU Library is located at the 4th floor of Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical Building. We support the mission and vision of the University by providing academic resources vital to liberal education, by teaching research skills, and promoting information literacy necessary for lifelong learning.  We aim to serve as a hub of information and recognize our role as instruments of teaching and research in the academy.  We are a fundamental part of the University community committed to providing users with comprehensive resources and services as tools for independent critical thinking and life-long learning.

What Do We Do ?

  1. We work with students, faculty, and administration in the establishment of the library as an integral component of the educational system.
  2. We provide students with library materials and services most appropriate and meaningful in their growth and development as individuals.
  3. We ensure access to continuous education through a broad and ample range of reference material to support the research needs of the University.


  • Ask A Librarian
  • Library User Education
  • Support for Visiting Researchers
  • Research Assistance
  • Archive
  • Internet Services

Library Procedures


  1. Use the Platonixz or School Automate OPAC Module to search for reference material or request the assistance of Library personnel.
  2. You may secure the book/reference material yourself or seek a librarian for assistance.
  3. Take the book to the charging counter and:
  • Present your student/faculty/alumni ID or registration card.
  • Fill up the book card and check out the book.
  • Photocopy pages needed if material is for ROOM USE only .


  1. Present the books to be returned at the charging counter.
  2. Library materials will be checked-in through the Platonixz / School Automate OPAC Module.
  3. If overdue:
  • Pay the overdue fine at the cashier.
  • Present the receipt to the librarian for clearing of accountabilities.


  1. Fill up book card to indicating new date due.
  2. Materials checked out via the Platonixz/ School  Automate OPAC Module.