International Students


  1. Official Transcript of Records
  2. Diploma
  • Secondary for Undergraduate admission
  • Tertiary for the College of Medicine
  1. Scholastic Record (Undergraduate)
  2. Transcript of Records (College of Medicine)
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  4. Birth Certificate (Original copy)
  5. Police Clearance
  6. Proof of Adequate Finances to support your studies in the Philippines
  7. Photocopy of Passport bio-page and latest arrival with valid stay
  8. Photocopy of ACR I-Card (Alien Certificate of Registration)

Note: All documents acquired from the Country of Origin should be authenticated at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate


  1. Joint letter of request addressed to the Commissioner from the authorized representative of the school and applicant
  2. Duly accomplished CGAF (Consolidated General Application Form) for Student Visa and Special Study Permit
  3. Photocopy of passport pages bearing the bio-page, latest admission with valid authorized stay and Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) stamp.
  4. Notice of Acceptance from the University bearing a clear impression of the school’s official dry seal.
  5. Endorsement letter addressed to the Commissioner from the University for the conversion of the applicants status, signed by the school Registrar.
  6. Certificate of Eligibility for Admission from Commission on Higher Education (CHED) for Medicine and Dentistry
  7. CHED Endorsement for transfer and shifting of course, if applicable
  8. National Bureau of Investigation(NBI) Clearance, if application is filed six(6) months or more from the date of first arrival in the Philippines
  9. Photocopy of Bureau of Immigration school accreditation ID of the registrar or school representative
  10. Bureau of Immigration Clearance Certificate.