We are the University Clinic providing both medical and  dental services, providing best possible care and treatment to all Perpetualite both students and employees, to ensure the best quality of life to each and everyone, as one of the vital ingredients of nation building.


The Medical and Dental University Clinic is further subdivided into two services:

I.   Employee’s health service:

This shall cater to the health and dental needs of the employees of the University of Perpetual Help System, UPH-Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University and UPH- Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical Center including the facilities serving its educational institution

II.   Students’ health service:

The clinic caters the health and dental needs of students currently enrolled and employees in the following schools:

  1. University of Perpetual Help System-Laguna 

  2. University of Perpetual Help – Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University

Specific Medical Functions 

  1. OPD Check Up

  2. Physical Examination

  3. Medical Examination

  4. Minor Operation within clinics capability

  5. Issuance of Medical Certificate

  6. Issuance of Physical Fit Certificate

  7. Issuance of Laboratory request

  8. Issuance of Prescriptions

  9. Providing health information true leaflets and other media format

  10. ensuring that all health and safety protocols are intact

  11. Triaging for both symptomatic students and employees

  12. Assuring and assisting all students to be covered by the University Health Insurance

  13. Providing assistance Vaccination Area and ensuring all students are fully vaccinated as per required before any clinical exposure

  14. Proving Referral form if need more critical care  or specialist intervention

  15. Providing assistance to all students and employees if it needs emergency care.

  16. Providing health assistance during Earthquake and Fire Drill.

Specific Dental Functions

The  School Dentist provides free dental consultation in the school clinic to all students, Primary, secondary and college including employees, to promote good oral health.

  1. To diagnose oral diseases

  2. To promote oral health and disease prevention

  3. Make treatment plan to maintain or restore the good oral health of the patient

  4. Interpreting x-ray and diagnostic test

  5. Monitor growth and development of patients teeth and jaw.



  • All concerned students, staff and visitors can fill up the QR Code Health Declaration form ahead of time or  on the same day and date before  coming to the university.




Landline No. 8779-5310 local 3050