1. To develop competent and competitive professional nurses equipped with technical, caring behavior and Perpetualite values.

  2. To achieve recognition as one of the respected programs in the country.

  3. To engage in research that can contribute to the betterment of nursing care in various health situations.

  4. To develop and implement sustainable nursing program-based community extension activities participated by various stakeholders.


  1. Apply knowledge of physical, social, natural and health sciences and humanities in the practice of nursing.

  2. Provide safe, appropriate and holistic care to individuals, families, population groups, and community utilizing the nursing process.

  3. Apply guidelines and principles of evidence-based practice in the delivery of care.

  4. Practice nursing in accordance with existing laws, legal, ethical, and moral principles.

  5. Communicate effectively in speaking, writing and presenting using culturally-appropriate language.

  6. Document to include reporting of up-to-date client care accurately and comprehensively.

  7. Work effectively in collaboration with inter, intra, and multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams.

  8. Practice beginning management and leadership skills using systems approach in the delivery of client care using a systems approach,

  9. Conduct research with an experienced researcher.

  10. Engage in lifelong learning with a passion to keep current with national and global developments in general, and nursing and health developments in particular.

  11. Demonstrate responsible citizenship and pride in being a Filipino.

  12. Apply techno-intelligent care systems and processes in health care delivery,

  13. Adopt the nursing core values in the practice of the profession.

  14. Apply entrepreneurial skills in the delivery of nursing care.



VisionA program of choice for the best and brightest students who seek exceptional nursing education.MissionThe nursing program shall produce technically competent graduates imbued with the values of compassion and caring, commitment and dedication for quality health care services.



  1. Institutional nurse - staff nurse in different hospitals assigned in different clinical areas

  2. Occupational Health nurse - otherwise known as Company nurse

  3. Nurse Educator - Clinical Instructor

  4. Military nurse /Flight nurse

  5. Community Health nurse - Public Health nurse

  6. Private duty nurse

  7. Wound nurse - for diabetic foot care

  8. OR nurse - assigned in operating room

  9. Hemodialysis nurse

  10. Nurse anesthetist

  11. School Nurse

  12. ER nurse - Emergency room nurse

  13. ICU nurse