Graduates will:

1. Demonstrate technical competence in the performance of clinical laboratory tests in aid of diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases vis-à-vis biosafety and waste management;

2. Demonstrate analytical and critical thinking skills in the workplace;

3. Engage in the collection, analysis, and projection of health information for improving the health care management system

4. Demonstrate inter-personal skills, leadership qualities, and ethical practice of the profession

5. Apply research skills in relevant areas of Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science practice

6. Participate in community-oriented activities

7. Engage in life-long learning activities

8. Demonstrate effective communication skills

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Experience our program that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with hands-on training, empowering students to develop the skills necessary for success. With laboratories and dedicated faculty mentors, UPH-DJGTMU offers a curriculum designed to foster real-world learning.

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COURSE OUTLINE: Medical Technology Program Courses

FURTHER STUDY OPTIONS• Masters of Science in Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science

• Masters of Science in Microbiology

• Masters of Science in Clinical Programs Development

• Masters of Science in Public Health


Specific Professions/Careers/Occupations for Graduates:Licensed Medical Technologists/Medical Laboratory Scientists, Diagnostic Molecular Scientists, Research Scientists, Educators, Diagnostic Product Specialists, Public Health Practitioners, Healthcare Leaders

Allied Medical Fields:Public Health/Epidemiology, Veterinary Laboratory Science, Molecular Biology/Biology, Nuclear Science, Forensic Science, Health Administration/Management, Food and Industrial Microbiology