What is Medicine?

What is a course in medicine? This is a program of study that is appropriate for students seeking a medical or medical research degree. It covers various subjects in depth, including anatomy and physiology, medicinal drugs and interactions, and chemistry. Many times, medicine programs require courses in psychology and statistics as well. Courses may include scientific writing and research as well as practicums, internships, or even a thesis. The inclusion of these items depends on various factors, such as the level of the program.

A course in medicine will give a student the knowledge he or she needs to pursue higher degrees in many medical fields, such as anesthesiology, pharmacology, and general medicine or research. This opens the doors to many employment opportunities and locally and internationally.

Vision and Mission


  The College of Medicine is committed to the formation of a complete Christian Physician who is service oriented with great social concern and committed to the delivery of quality health care to the Filipino people value the virtues of reading out and helping others as vital ingredients to nation building.


  The College of Medicine shall emerge as the premier center for medical education in the southern tagalog region providing a venue for the pursuit of excellence in academics, technology and research through community partnership. 


  1. The College of Medicine Formation of an adequately trained physician with a value system oriented to the care of the patient.

  2. Formation of a complete physician, expert in human biology and a scholar endowed with facility for undergoing post-graduate training and research, possessing appropriate and adequate skills, knowledge and attitude in administration and teaching.

  3. Formation of a physician who is properly oriented with the problems of the community characteristic of the Filipino society.

  4. Formation of a physician endowed with the proper tenets of medical ethical practices (relationship with Christian values and principles).


Dean: Dr. Winnie Siao

Email: medicine@uphsl.edu.ph

Phone: (0915) 601 6571 / (02) 8779 5310 local 3040