Office Of Student-
Personnel Services


The Office of Student Affairs aspires to meet the challenge of the University to develop “The Perpetualite”: A Christian, community-oriented, service-driven, interdisciplinary leader and health care provider perpetually rooted in responding to the needs of others in the local and global community.


We are dedicated to being the primary enabler of students keeping them at the core of all our actions.  It is our aim to facilitate holistic and well-rounded student development for active involvement and meaningful engagement with the community as future responsible citizen leaders.


We assist students as well as monitor and evaluate the services rendered.  Further, we  meet student’s needs to help them achieve their goals, cope with their concerns and develop positive and healthy self-concept.  In line with the University’s Vision/Mission, the office shares the responsibility with the home and community in giving professional aid to students in all areas of development particularly in providing them with the opportunity to acquire the maximum skills necessary to function effectively and meet the challenges of today’s society.


  1. We serve as a link between the student body and administration.
  2. We supervise all activities and functions that are non-academic in nature.
  3. We ensure coordination and harmonious relationships among the different officers within the departments in the performance of their functions.
  4. We protect the welfare of the student body through recognition of their rights and privileges as provided for in the school rules, regulations and policies.


STUDENT-PERSONNEL SERVICES. The Student-Personnel Service Director’s primary role is to serve as an advocate for students and to bring to fore their needs and interests.  She strives to be aware of, understand, appreciate, and validate students’ perspectives on issues.  The Director is responsible for oversight, development, and implementation of institutional policies and procedures as it relates to student life.  She serves as the conduit of information between the administration and the student body.  She is supported by an office assistant.

STUDENT WELFARE AND GUIDANCE. Our guidance counselor and psychometrician are directed towards the welfare and total personality development of the students.  Their services are always available to achieve and foster maximum relationship with the students.

STUDENT DEVELOPMENT AND GOVERNMENT.  The adviser oversees student activities assumes command responsibility for their authorized function. She also manages the supreme student council and acts as a liaison between the administration and students.

STUDENT PUBLICATION.  His functions are to oversee the publishing of the Caduceus, the Medical University’s student publication as well as the MU Yearbook.  In addition to this he assists in planning activities of the student publication, is present with the staff during off-campus activities pertaining to journalism and school publication, and functions to coordinate requirements for the completion of the Yearbook and to assist and advise the yearbook committee.

STUDENT FINANCIAL ADVISEMENT through the ADMISSIONS OFFICE. Its function is to provide information and assistance on scholarships and financial concerns.  It shall make available options on scholarships and financial assistance.

CAMPUS MINISTRY THROUGH THE OFFICE OF RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS.   The task of the Religious Affairs is to nurture the members of the UPH-DJGTMU community in their being and becoming a person of Christian faith that both believes, trusting and doing and to help each member reach the stage of faith which corresponds to the stage of life to which he belongs. Moreover, it has the obligation to build the school community as a Basic Ecclesial Community to provide the venue for this growth in faith.  Its primary function is to plan and oversee activities for the students’ spiritual development.  It assists in the coordination of annual recollections, retreats and other religious activities.

STUDENT DISCIPLINE.  The Prefect of Discipline is responsible for the implementation of the University’s Code of Conduct. His aim is to foster a better understanding of the students’ motivation and consequence their actions.

HUMAN RESOURCES.  The office is responsible for the welfare and development of Medical University employees.  She is the link between teaching and non-teaching employees and the administration.