The UPH-DJGTMU College of Nursing shall become an exceptional fountain of knowledge for those who have the interest and qualification to render competent care to the sick and well. 


The graduate of the College of Nursing shall imbibe the values of caring, compassionate and dedication necessary in health and education through enhancement of the curriculum, periodic faculty development and values transformation. The College shall spearhead innovations through research in order to advance specializations, improve curriculum and nursing practice to make its products globally competitive in all areas of human endeavour.


A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a community and research – oriented curriculum shall produce a nurse who:

  1. Practices his/her profession with a caring behavior and is compassionate, committed and competent;
  2. Applies the principles of the nursing process, with critical thinking ability and is creative in dealing with his/her clients at different health settings;
  3. Demonstrates leadership skill by assuming responsibilities and accountabilities in the performance of his/her duties; and
  4. Engages in research studies that can contribute to the betterment of nursing care in various health situations.

Course Description